Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Hi, I'm KRASH.
   A semi-retired Artist, Designer and Conceptual Engineer. 
For the last five decades I've poured out ideas, on top of ideas.
I've filled dozens and dozens of note books with gizmos, gadgets, marketing and manufacturing ideas and philosophical meanderings.
I call it Busy Brain Syndrome, for all you label makers out there.

Though I've made my living as an artist / designer, over the years, I've had fun bringing some of those ideas into reality.
Like my Speed Easel, specially designed for professional airbrush artists. 1995.
VeloKit, an all weather cover for three wheeled recumbent trikes. 2005.
A Place to Hide” a line of greeting cards and prints I published way back in 1981. Yes, back when copy and paste, were not digital commands, and every thing was drawn by hand.

More recently I've focused on a growing list of children's books, that can be seen at

   Most of my ideas usually drift off and lie scattered on the floor, like so many out of control creative dust bunnies. 
This is why I've created KRASH's Busy Brain Blog.
You can also keep up with my travels and such at
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